Robert Four manufactures carpets and tapestries of exception from the Aubusson art of weaving


Since the XVth century, Aubusson, French emblem of tapestry and carpet, has spread its art of weaving around the world. The Manufacture Robert Four today embodies Aubusson heritage. We contribute to the renewal of this precious metier and, in so doing, ensure our place in the history of contemporary art and decorative arts.

Creative Studio

The “Bespoke Projects” team, located at Aux Verdures, the Appartement and Creative Studio of its Artistic Director, guarantees the relationship between the clients and our ateliers of production.

Thanks to our expertises, since the creation to the technical and logistical aspects, we take great care of each client to convert its project into a product of exception.


Studies into the Past


Laurent Grasso

200 x 225 cm – 2023



Pierre Marie

360 x 210 cm – 2019


Manufacture Robert Four fosters excellence in art, permeating the entire tapestry sector, ranging from designers, cartoonists, dyers, weavers to seamstresses, all of whom are well versed in the same high standards of quality. Manufacture Robert Four can pride itself on the fact that it has created a unique style, from the hand-woven Aubusson carpet, the hand-knotted ‘Savonnerie’ carpet, hand tufted carpet, Aubusson tapestry and Neolice® digital tapestry.


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