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The “Bespoke Projects” team, located at Aux Verdures, the Appartement and Creative Studio of its Artistic Director, guarantees the relationship between the clients and our ateliers of production. Thanks to our expertises, since the creative to the technical and logistical aspects, we take great care of each client to convert its project into a product of exception.

Stage 1 : Definition of the artistic project

Each production is a unique artistic project, answering to the esthetic and technical specifications related to the location or the nature of the project.

Alongside the Artistic Direction of Patricia Racine, our team puts its skills and creative forces together to present to the client our broad range of weaving possibilities and supports the project from end to end.

Stage 2 : Product Development

Once the creative brief is defined, our “Bespoke Projects” team, composed of our Artistic Director Patricia Racine, our Head of the Design Studio Emma de l’Ecluse and our Project Manager Léa Rodier, builds the bridge with our ateliers of production. They align and harmonize the possibilities in terms of feasibility, production, budget and delay. They finally send to the client a detailed quotation to validate the development phase.

Stage 3 : Validation of the creation

Our Head of the Design Studio guides the client to validate a drawing intent, define a color palette and select the fabrics. One or several samples are produced and addressed to the client to support and enrich the dialogue and validate the final project.

Stage 4 : Production launching

Once the project is validated, the Manufacture starts the production of the carpet or tapestry, thanks to different stages, among them: cartoon (or technical drawing), hand-crafted tailor made dyeing, hand-weaving or tufting and couture.

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Aux Verdures, Robert Four Creative Studio

Aux Verdures is hidden at 23 rue des Martyrs, in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris, surrounded by verdant gardens.

This former Parisian countryside, born in the XIXth century, has hosted various artists and intellectuals, among them Géricault established here for the last years of his life.

Patricia Racine, the Artistic Director of the Manufacture Robert Four, has founded Aux Verdures to welcome art works, collectors, artists and architects, and created a dialogue between these different viewpoints :

“I have wished for my creative studio – dedicated to handicraft metiers – to embody a living space where decorative arts and contemporary art coexist, and where artists, collectors, decorators and architects meet…”.

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